Car Carrier Package with 18" Chain


  • Product Description

      This package is manufactured with an additional 18″ of chain for durability when transporting damaged vehicles.

      This Car Carrier Tie Down Package with comes with 4 ratchets, 4 wear pads, and 4 straps with 18" of chain.

      The Car Carrier Tie-Down Package uses 3/8" G-7 chain and the highest web rating in the industry. Each strap is fifteen (15) feet-long and comes with a sliding cordura wear pad. The G-7 cluster is designed with a mini J-hook and R-hook with a delta ring (triangle) termination to prolong the life of this strap.

      This is an ideal strap for transporting damaged vehicles, you get the durability of a chain with the functionality of a ratchet strap. There are many attachment points that can be used when creating a loop in the chain and connecting the grab hook back into the delta ring (triangle)

      WreckMaster's Carrier Tie-Down and Securing Package is setting the industry standard for securing the casualty on your carrier deck.

      Car Carrier Strap with 18" Chain

      Car Carrier Tie Down Ratchet

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