DLM Telemetry Tensile Link TL-3.0


  • Product Description

      The TL-3.0 is a third generation Telemetry Tensile Link load cell. A light weight wireless tension measuring unit that combines a high level of performance with a robust design for harsh environments.

      With a range up to 800m and a huge battery life of 700 hours the TL-3.0 can be paired with one or multiple number of TW-3.0-T Telemetry Handheld Displays.


      • Light weight aerospace grade Aluminium
      • Ability to transmit to 12 handheld displays
      • 2.4GHz license free frequency
      • High accuracy
      • Rebranding option
      • 800m signal range
      • Remote power on/off feature
      • Sleep mode for battery conservation
      • Rugged and watertight case for links up to 50T/ Custom made wooden case for larger capacities
      • Calibration and proof load certificates to BS EN 10002/2 1992
      • Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C
      • Supplied with universal smart charger
      • 3.6V Li-Po Rechargeable battery


      ***Orders take 90 days to fulfill. Product discounts may not be applied***

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