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Gr. 8 Front Axle Tie Down Packages

Gr. 8 Front Axle Tie Down Packages

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WreckMaster’s Front Axle Tie Down and Securing Packages come with two securing chains and ratchet binder.

WreckMaster developed these grade 8 Front Axle Tie Down Packages to offer the towing industry the best possible solution for securing an axle into the forks on your under reach.

This procedure eliminates any forward, backward or side to side movement. Commonly referred to as a full nelson, each chain encircles that axle, spring pack, cross bar, receivers and forks to create a full loop around the components. After tightening the ratchet binder the vehicle you are towing is completely secured with this primary attachment.

This technique is accurately illustrated in our Medium Duty Towing Video although it is not only used for the front axle. This technique can be used on any procedure where you need to secure the causality to the under reach by either the front axle, rear axle or frame rails. Any type of forks can be used including spring fork adapters.

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