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NEW 8" Buckle and Pin

NEW 8" Buckle and Pin

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“This multi purpose 8″ aluminum buckle can be used as a floating shackle; strap shortner; snatch block divider and lifting ring.”

The 8" Buckle, father of the 4" & 6" WreckMaster buckle was designed as a highly versatile, multi-purpose heavy duty recovery tool. Made of extremely high strength machined aluminum, it is manufactured from 1.5" aluminum T6061 plate.

It can be used as a fully adjustable strap shortener allowing you to use your 6" or 8" 2 ply recovery straps at any desired length. The 8" Buckle also serves as a common ring for creating a multi-legged bridle for vertical lifts or winching, as a snatch block organizer when vertically lifting or winching heavy loads using multiple snatch blocks, as a floating shackle or load equalizer when winching or vertical lifting. Also used as a termination for WreckMaster straps of various design, as a 5th wheel plate for transporting, lifting or end rolling trailers and more. This Buckle is a must for the career operator.

Working Load Limit 50,000 lbs.
Ultimate Load 200,000 lbs.
Design Factor 4:1




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