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WreckMaster Green Skate

WreckMaster Green Skate

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Interlocking plastic skates cause vehicles to glide towards the pull. Improved for performance and product life. Single skate, available in green only.

Add to your WreckMaster skate collection with this new and improved version of our skate.

Vehicles glide easily and smoothly towards the pull using our interlocking plastic skates, whether they have wheels or not. Great for loading or unloading a carrier or removing a car from a tight parking space. We've refined the design based on customer feedback and our own experience. Improvements include:

Stronger. New chevron design adds strength and appeal.
Deeper wider recess now accommodates rotors and brake drums.
Improved climb onto deck with the more aggressive beveled edge.
Improved locking with raised tab locks that prevent mushrooming wear.
Improved slide and product life thanks to 3 bottom rails that reduce surface contact.
Addition of slots so wheels (or other items) can be strapped to the skate.

We dare you to try to wear these out! (Send us a worn out pair and we'll send you a new pair for 50% off.)

NOTE: This improved skate will not interlock with the original WreckMaster skate.

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