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The Cruse Loop/ Skate Package

The Cruse Loop/ Skate Package

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This recovery package was designed for light duty recovery operators to attach to unibody vehicles for recovery.

Everything you need to start using the cruse loop method of recovery for uni-body vehicles. Includes: one light duty recovery strap 4" x 30' in length and rated @ 6,400 lbs. One 4" machined buckle, tailboard transformer and 2 wear pads, a bolt shackle with spool, and 4 WreckMaster skates.

The Cruse Loop:

This 4" x 30' recovery strap is used to recover uni-body vehicles. The technique was created, developed and tested by its inventor Donnie Cruse in the late 1980's and over the last 30 years has become one of the most widely used recovery techniques for passenger vehicles.

When used correctly this technique can recover a vehicle without causing any damage to suspension components or tie down slots. WreckMaster highly recommends that only trained and qualified operators use this product.

Vertical Rating 6,400 lbs.
Choker Rating 4,800 lbs.
Basket Rating 12,800 lbs.


Bolt Style Web Shackle with Spool:

This shackle offers the safest way to connect a web shackle to a recovery strap. By adding the nut and bolt feature we have added peace of mind when using the web shackles for normal recovery or accidental side loads.

  • Replacement Bolt & Nut also available.
3b3 EA 4 lbs 6.5
4b3 EA 4 lbs 7.25
5b3 EA 7 lbs 9.5



WreckMaster Neon Skates (4):

Interlocking plastic skates cause vehicles to glide towards the pull. Available in black or neon green.

Interlocking plastic skates cause vehicles to glide towards the pull, with or without wheels, whether loading or unloading a carrier or removing a car from a tight parking space. Available in original black or new neon green. For those late night recoveries, neon green has a much higher visibility. Skates sold in a set of four. The WreckMaster skates have a limited warranty.*

Set of (4) Skates

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