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Twin Path Continuous Loop

Twin Path Continuous Loop

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Varoius Sizes

These twin path recovery slings have become a unique recovery tool for today’s towing operators. They are available in a variety of sizes and lengths shown below.

WreckMaster first introduced these slings to the towing and recovery industry in 1993. After extensive field testing by leading experts, these straps have earned the reputation of being the preferred straps of trained and skilled career operators. When your reputation is on the line only the best will do. This is the highest quality synthetic round sling on the market today, it is made with polyester high-performance fibers and it has a bulked nylon outer cover (CovermaxB.) that is very abrasion resistant. The benefit of using slings versus chain is significant considering that these slings are considerably lighter with a much higher capacity versus chain and they have a zero ignition source.

  • 100% Vertical Rating
  • 80% Choker Rating
  • 200% Basket Rating

Design Factor
This synthetic sling has a 5:1 design factor that is built into its rating. All quality manufactured products have a design factor, in order to calculate where the product will fail at (ultimate load) multiply the working load limit into the design factor to arrive at the ultimate load.

WLL x Design Factor = UL
4,500 lbs x 5 = 22,500 lbs

Wear Pads
This product is manufactured with two sliding wear pads that are sewn onto the strap. Wear pads are to be used as an additional layer of protection against cuts and abrasion.

Tell-Tails identification system
All of these slings have overload tell-tails which will retract when the strap is overloaded. This can be a very valuable tool when inspection your slings. During your visual inspection if you determine that the tell-tails are no longer visible you should remove the strap from service.

These straps are manufactured with an interior red cover, as well as an exterior green cover. If you damage or cut the exterior green cover and the red interior cover is still intact the strap can be repaired. The typical repair is to cover the damaged area with a CovermaxB. patch and have it sewn in place.

Two straps in one
The Twin-PathB. patented design provides the rigger with redundant protection in the event that one path is cut. It is like having two straps in one.

Minimal Stretch
With the various types of materials used in manufacturing recovery slings the amount of stretch can become an issue. These slings have a 3% stretch at rated capacity and are made in various lengths.

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